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CPS Recruitment Team

This is absolutely great! Over the past few months, we've studied Action Selling and learned how to capitalize on the customer's 5 buying decisions, the 9 steps of a successful sale, and most importantly, our own skills!

I want to personally thank you for your enthusiasm, participation, and willingness to not only attend, but apply the weekly training! I can already see the results and we are going to get even better.

Looking ahead at tomorrow’s training, we are going to review the process tracker as changes have been made, review the most exciting part - closing the sale, discuss your successes and challenges with Action Selling, and talk about our upcoming sessions.

Be sure to sign on to the meeting about 15 minutes early as I will be turning my phone off at 12:45. Therefore, if you have visual or audio issues, please discover and address those early.

Have a good day!


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